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custom t shirts kingston_custom t shirts kelowna

I'm uncertain these are real wranglers. The labeling is different. The sizing is inconsistent. Both waist and length are +/- half inch. One pair had the fifth pocket sewn on differently than the rest. Most of all, I can't find any evidence that Wrangler has ever produced a line called "Authentics." I'm returning them.
It’s good but too big for me.
Was perfect size for my I phone 8 plus. Also, fit my credit cards, money, and lip gloss too. Excellent quality for price and very cute!
Colors were not as vibrant as in the photos
I liked how I was able to put my phone, sunglasses, wallet and other small items easily in this bag. Lightweight and nice material. I used it for traveling to NYC :)
Arghhhhh!!!! Could have sworn that it was a 6-inch inseam. Oh well....
Smaller than I thought and doesn't quite hold all my junk. I thought I looked at the description and read that it was bigger. However, quality is excellent.
I love it!
Fits well
It’s exactly as described! Beautiful! I plan to buy more in other colors!
Large, stylish and practical. The wax red is beautiful. the photos do not do it justice.

The packaging and box made it feel luxurious. Well made.

I wish they offered a monogram option.

I am a saleswoman in a male dominated industry. And this is my new go to bag as it can carry 2 cell phones and all of the items I need and as small enough purse to not be a bother.

I can carry a smaller older iPhone, and a note 9 at the same time!!
Hoping this doesn’t not tarnish, I’m using it daily so I will update this review if it does. So far a few days of showering and use and it still looks great.
I have only worn the shirt on one occasion and it seems fine. I wish it was available in white which I believe would make it cooler in the hot sun. After my planned float trip I may give it 5 stars.
The material that this athletic shorts are made from is too flimsy. I found a snag in the shorts after using it the first time.
I like it, have tried other wallets before, but this one fits very comfortable in my front pocket, lightweight design, never bulky. Can hold up to 6-7 credit cards, with metal cash holder that's very convenient
Love it
excellent, just what my husband needed
Great product.
All day in the sun no burn; would be better with a high collar.
I am so sad to return this because I really loved the style of this. Has lots of room inside and I love the interior stripes. However, as other reviewers noted, the smell is bad. I let it air out overnight, but the fact that I felt I needed to wash my hands after touching it told me it wasn't something I wanted around me. When something smells that bad of chemicals, I'm sure those chemicals can rub off onto you and breathing in those toxins can't be good either.
They look and feel great, a Christmas gift
Ideal for 5 yr old who wants a unicorn watch.
Great quality genuine shirts. Would buy again
The sock are light and soft, but not excellent absorbency, it should be better
By the all good socks but for long days
Levi's must have listened to some of the prior negative reviews mentioning fabric thickness. latest pairs feel like better quality material than pairs i've purchased in the last couple years. good fit.
beautiful glasses, perfect for every ocassion. Strong material and excellen quality. It make your faces look glamourouse and atractive. 100% recomended
These are great, comfortable shorts. love the cell phone pocket on the right side. They do run a tad large so order appropriately.
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